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Cathy’s Journey With Dativa & Associates.

Cathy’s journey with Dativa & Associates.

I am Nanyanzi Catherine Mwanje, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University. I am deeply grateful to Almighty God for granting me the courage, life, and wisdom to complete my training successfully.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Managing Partner, Madam Dativa Nabimanya, for the opportunity to train with the firm; to my supervisor, Ms. Jonnah Naturinda, and the entire team at Dativa & Associates (D&A) for their continuous support, the valuable learning experiences, and the warm hospitality during my time at the firm.

Training at D&A with such an experienced and professional team has been one of the greatest opportunities for my growth. It has sharpened my skills and greatly helped me discover my passion for audit. The three-month training period has been instrumental in enhancing my understanding, building relationships, and opening up new opportunities.

During my time at the firm, I was assigned various duties within the audit department. These included preparing files, conducting audit tests, drafting audit findings, reviewing documents, and evaluating audit deliverables (reports and management letters).

In summary, the environment at D&A fosters unparalleled learning and innovation, making it impossible for any member not to advance on the learning and innovation ladder.

Benefits through the internship period at D&A

  • An opportunity to balance theoretical knowledge gained in school with practical work experience, allowing me to distinguish between assumptions and facts.
  • Development and acquisition of critical skills, along with proactive observation and analysis of problems encountered while performing career duties and responsibilities.
  • Interaction with and learning from experienced professionals in a work environment, which expedited my professional self-awareness and understanding of audit requirements. This also allowed me to test my interest in an audit career before making permanent commitments. I gained hands-on experience and exposure to the working environment in the field of auditing.

The knowledge and skills I acquired during my internship and how I plan to use them for my professional development.

Knowledge Acquired

Teamwork: The firm emphasizes teamwork, with teams collaborating on assignments and delivering high-quality results. This experience taught me the importance of synergy in achieving excellence.

Career Choice: Through my experience, I’ve come to regard audit as the “mother of knowledge” due to its diversity and the variety of tasks handled across different industries. This has helped me weigh the advantages of a career in audit over other opportunities.

Record Keeping/Management: Success in audit relies on meticulous record-keeping, as it is evidence-based. This discipline has taught me the importance of having all necessary information readily available, which also serves as a valuable life skill for maintaining personal records.

Skills Gained

  • Time Management: Effectively managing personal and engagement timelines.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Enhancing my ability to work well with others.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Learning the value of working collaboratively.
  • Attention to Detail: Recognizing the importance of even the smallest details, as they are crucial in audit regardless of their perceived materiality.

In conclusion, for anyone seeking diverse learning opportunities from a top-notch audit firm that adheres to its values and prioritizes delivering value over merely focusing on paychecks, I highly recommend Dativa and Associates. Thank you all for making me a better person and providing me with the opportunity to learn in such an enriching environment. May the Lord bless you.


By Nanyanzi Catherine Mwanje


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