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COVID- 19 Impact And Recovery

COVID- 19 Impact and Recovery

My mind was evoked by the traumatic recent past years at the sight of a young lady trekking the sidewalks of the city. It seems it was slowly becoming history. By the mention of the word “mask”, I guess we could be walking the same memory lane now!  Hopefully, it will be a story for our next generation, but as for me and you, it is “eyes saw and ears heard”. One stands to wonder, will this ever come to an end? shall we recover from these COVID-19 wounds?

This was not the first pandemic the world had faced! Like many of them, COVID-19 was never prepared for. As a result, many lives were claimed, businesses put to an edge, and ways of living greatly altered. Reports show that the rate of COVID-19 new cases is reducing but still some numbers are being registered, at least according to the Ministry of Health, through their Twitter handle.

Nevertheless, it seems COVID-19 can no longer be a strong leaning ground for redundancy in the world’s economic dealings. Awareness has been achieved by almost everyone throughout the world and various measures developed to better deal with its spread. The economy is regaining its momentum and businesses embracing internet operations. As per the 2022/2023 FY budget speech, the economy is on the path to full recovery from the COVID- 19 disruptions, with an economic growth rate of 4.6 percent per annum, from 3.5 percent in the previous FY. Also embedded within the speech are the several advances the Government of Uganda has made to the cause. Included, are the COVID-19 SOPs and guideline enforcements, free mass vaccination, cash reliefs to the adversely affected people, strengthening of health care systems, funding of scientific research and development, and credit relief to borrowers as well as funding of micro, small and medium enterprises, and corporate businesses.  In detail, the reliefs and recovery funds include Small Business Recovery Funds, Emyooga fund, Micro Finance Credit to SACCOS and The Uganda Development Bank and Uganda Development Corporation, debt and equity funds. To implement also, is the Uganda COVID -19 Emergency Response and Preparedness project supported by World Bank grant and the development of the three prospective COVID-19 vaccines. These would be great kick-offs into COVID-19 recovery, but the question is as to whether they really reach their intended destinations.

Nevertheless, if permitted my opinion, I would say that COVID-19 recovery in the economy and ways of living is “a must- attain.” Through the awareness and different support availed, COVID-19 recovery is possible.

By Naturiinda Jonnah.                                                                                                            

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