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End of year staff party


To many, end of year office party is a key professional opportunity to mingle casually with co-workers, impress bosses, and get to know people you don’t see every day while others believe it is a great way to celebrate the culture of a company beyond just business success. According to Abraham Nsubuga (Audit Supervisor at Dativa & Associates),

“It’s a time in which to build joint memories and to strengthen team culture.”

End of year parties have long lasting beneficial effects on staff and, therefore, on the business. The impact of an end of year party, like other staff incentives and rewards, has a direct connection to the bottom line:
•    Staff retention rates are enhanced by the recognition of collective and individual contributions to the business because staff become more loyal to the business when they feel that their contribution is appreciated.
•    Morale is lifted across the board as is team spirit.
•    Engagement levels are heightened when given the opportunity to network with peers and superiors in this type of social setting. All of these factors end up leading to improved organizational performance and productivity levels.

At my workplace, before the New Year begins, it’s the last event that looks back on the past year and promptly proceeds to celebrate it away. The 2016 party was held at one of the best Indian Restaurants in Town (Khana Khazana). Personally, it was my first time to dine at an Indian restaurant.

It was about five minutes to seven when staff and other guests started arriving at the venue, there was five minutes left until the party actually started.When all guests had arrived, and taken their seats, an opening prayer was said and the party started with a toast (“cheers”), among all the attendees once everyone had their first drink in hand. Everybody ordered their starters and the waiters brought the food through.

Rarely do you enter a restaurant in Kampala and you see only one female employee,moreover at the entrance ushering in the guests. It was a new experience for me and some of my colleagues just from the look on their faces. Everything on the menu also seemed new to me but as long as I could see a familiar word like “Chicken ‘tikka’ nawabu” chicken, I obviously had to go for that. I really liked the venue idea and it has to be one of the best end of year parties I’ve ever attended.

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