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Fast track your career

How do you move quickly through the ranks in your career? Yesterday while at a client, a staff asked for few minutes of my time. He asked me a question which I think is very important. It can also help you improve your life. He said; “I am draining myself. I have so much work on my desk. Am working in an environment so bad that when my boss notices it is approaching 4pm, he gives me a task. Am wondering how do I breathe life into my desk so that I can reduce the workload and find room for my family?”

I don’t know about you. But it is likely that you could also be experiencing a similar workload challenge. To overcome this problem, get a pen and take note of the following:

You need to first understand how organizations work. At the top of every organization is the business owner. If it is a listed company, they are shareholders. If it is a government Ministry, Department or Agency (MDA), the owners are the citizens of Uganda who have put the power into the Executive or The Presidency.

The owner appoints the Board of Directors to run the business on their behalf so that they can provide going concern of the business (risk management) and oversight (strategy).The Board appoints the CEO, who in turn recruits Directors, to go run the business.

The lower you go from up downwards, the more you are paid to use your hands than your brains. At the top, people are paid to use their brains. At the bottom, people are paid to use their hands. The latter is called blue collar while the former is white collar. So, which person are you?

If you want to reduce the overload on your desk, try to move ahead in your career. Focus on moving to the top on the corporate ladder.

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