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Internship should be a must

An internship is a period of work experience within an organization or company usually taken by university students or recent graduates.

The importance of internship experience should be overrated. Employers would rather have an employee with not only one internship but multiple internships. You are a graduate ‘YES’, but this is just conferring a degree for your profession, but do you have various theoretical and practical examples of how to actually do this or that job.

How can this job be performed?  Through the internship, students learn the skills, knowledge and theoretical practice learned in university. With internship you are learning something new which is extremely beneficial. You translate knowledge into working life. Having classroom abstract theories is not enough, hence the need for real-life work situations.

Advantages of internship – When a student goes through internship, he/she gain invaluable professional experience, self-confidence self-esteem grows and this definitely adds value on the resume as PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. This may give a competitive advantage to such a student to potential employers.

Also, internship encourages trainees to personally develop professionally. For example, I (the writer) did a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) and currently doing an internship related to my field of study. Through this internship, I have had a chance to appreciate the career in auditing and accounting. I now have the opportunity to decide whether I wish to continue with my current path or try something different.

Being an intern gives you more opportunities to build networks with various employers that can be beneficial for career growth and development. According to Timothy Butler, a professor at Harvard Business School, ‘The biggest mistake that people make networking is that people don’t do it’. Internships provide a great environment to meet professionals in the career field one opts to pursue, as well as other interns who have similar interests; and exchange views.

With the competition getting tougher than ever, if one wants to have a competitive edge over contemporaries, undertaking at least one internship is something worthwhile.

An internship can also make you secure a job in this competitive world. Potential employers sometimes retain interns that have excelled in the performance of their work. Therefore, if one is given an internship opportunity, they should carry out the assigned duties diligently because this could be an avenue for getting employment in a highly competitive world. As Ben notes” Not only are they seeing potential employees with experience…., it is experience within their company”.

Internships are hence key for university and graduate experience.

by Rebecca Kiwumulo Namubiru.

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