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Kiwumulo Rebecca Namubiru Internship experience at Dativa

My name is Kiwumulo Rebecca Namubiru holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Accounting) from Makerere University Business School. I am currently pursuing ACCA level two.

I have been fortunate to have had an opportunity to train and learn at Dativa & Associates Certified Public Accountants, under the graduate trainee programme 2019, (24th June – 23rd September 2019).

With God guiding me through my training I would like to thank the Managing Partner Mrs Nabimanya Dativa for this sincere training opportunity, the Audit Manager Mr Mugisha Paul, for his sincere supervision and guidance and to the entire staff of Dativa & Associates for their continuous support and assistance during my training.

At Dativa & Associates, I have gained valuable professional experience, self-confidence and self-esteem during my training, this has been added to my resume as professional experience. Training at Dativa & Associates has been beneficial for my career growth and development. I have learnt the skills, knowledge and theoretical practice learned in university while being given the opportunity to translate knowledge into working life.

I am so grateful for this opportunity from Dativa & Associates, surely through this training, I have chosen to continue with my current career path.

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