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Managing yourself

Many of us do not know how to bring ourselves to order. This is one of the biggest challenges of so many people. But even those ones who are struggling don’t know how to manage their time. The ultimate reason why you need to manage yourself is to be able to take yourself from level A to B. Many people are always living below their true potential. If your potential is 100%, you find people have only achieved 40%. They don’t get to break-through the ceiling.

The best way to break through the roof is having a clear feedback mechanism. Always be on the lookout of areas of successes which have been prominent in your life. Take a stock of your own life and see; at which level did you succeed? What did you do to succeed? Focus on the behaviours that brought the success.

If you are a lawyer, which behaviours made you succeed? Is it hard work, having good connections, networking with the judges to know their thinking and decision points, or studying the case and collecting facts needed? Every time you fail, it gives you an opportunity to stop and say; “why did I fail?” Once you are able to know why you failed, you can now make yourself better. It is the lessons we learn that make experience the best teacher.

The most important is this; “if you don’t get the reasons why you are achieved or failed, you can’t improve. Because we can only improve that we measure.”

A very good medical doctor is good at diagnosis. Very successful individuals are also good at diagnosing the most critical issues in their lives. Once you focus on getting the stock of very good behaviours to succeed, it means you can create a process that is repeatable.

At Summit Consulting Ltd, we realised when we mind about our clients’ business as if it is ours makes us different from other consultants. If you are able to keep replicating ideas, you will succeed.


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