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My career start at Dativa and Associates, Certified Public Accountants

I’m Ikure Caroline Tanga,

Training at Dativa and Associates, Certified Public Accountants has been a wonderful experience and a great start to my career. It has brought me a lot of opportunities and benefits which include;

An extensive exposure to almost all aspects of accountancy in terms of accounts production, audit, tax, which made me enhance my accounting skills and professional competence. On the greatest part of it all, it has clearly defined my career path.

The practice also involved intensive learning, as there is a variety of work available at the firm. Each day, there is something different to learn either you are out for an auditor in the office working on audit reports, files, tax returns filing.

Other skills enhanced included interpersonal skills. The firm handles clients from various industries and each client requires different skills and attention which has enabled me to become flexible while handling different clients.

With all these benefits obtained, I would like to extend my kind appreciation to the Managing Partner Mrs Dativa Nabimanya, the audit manager Mr Mugisha Paul and the entire audit team at Dativa and Associates Certified Public Accountants for giving me this lifetime opportunity to train with the firm.

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