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My Internship Experience At Dativa And Associates

My internship experience at Dativa and Associates

I am Murungi Crystal, 18 years and I study at Vienna College Namugongo. My school encouraged students to seek placement and carry out internship in the field of interest and in line with our future career paths and other benefits of this internship were the facts that;

It is a prerequisite for admission to many universities and higher institutions of learning.

It is important for writing a personal statement that is a requirement for most universities and even job placement admissions.

Expose us to the dynamics related to our fields of interest, the challenges and inspirations.

To develop good work and interpersonal skills at the work place.

I chose DATIVA AND ASSOCIATES because of its well-known history of being one of the best audit firms available in Uganda. As a service intern here at DA (June 8 – July 31, 2018), I have gained an understanding of what auditors do. The time I have spent at this audit firm, I was assigned to a couple of duties and I had the opportunity to at least learn how to work like a real-life auditor. My job scope includes the handling of files and preparing them and also tasks that are normally assigned to full time audit associates. I feel that it is an enriching experience to be a part of DA as an intern as I got to learn a lot of technical knowledge on audit experience through my very dedicated and approachable supervisor. I have also had the chance to participate in numerous firm events to bond and establish friendships with my colleagues and fellow intern.

Working here at DA has helped me figure out that audit firms operate with a lot of integrity and a high degree of independence to ensure the clients’ information and status is secure and kept highly confidential. They also express professionalism in various aspects that is dress code, due diligence, quality of reports and the ability to safeguard company assets.

I gained deeper insights into the audit industry and it has helped me significantly with my career planning. I developed a better understanding of the career path of an auditor through the internship, helping me to make a career decision.

My advice for interns is to always take initiative in everything that you do and to talk to new people and make connections, be it managers, seniors and fellow interns.


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