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My Internship Experience At Dativa And Associates CPA, A Domestic Firm With Global Capability.

My internship experience at Dativa and Associates CPA, a domestic firm with global capability.

A strong work ethic, professionalism, and sheer perfectionism are some highlights of what constitutes the work environment at Dativa & Associates CPA. As a student pursuing a degree in accounting and finance, I always knew that an internship in an audit firm would be a bold step towards achieving my career goals and when “the lights turned green” for me to intern at the leading accountancy firm in the country, I was thrilled, delighted and filled with immense gratitude to acquire a prospect to put into practice my raw theories that would shape my career in the professional world.

Being the best domestic accountancy firm providing audit services, tax advisory, and HRM, I felt that an internship at D&A was a great platform for me to gain deeper insights into the accounting and audit industry.

D&A is known for its top-notch, refined, and superlative work which provides numerous learning opportunities for professionals on how to really ameliorate skills for the better.

On top of the precious learning opportunities that Dativa & Associates has provided me with, another takeaway was a dedicated team that was inclined to “pitch in” and provide answers to my concerns every time I raised any.

 I’ve had a rare opportunity of learning from the best under the audit department where I was tasked to draft audit findings to be included in the audit report and perform thorough reviews of draft audit reports as well as the management letters to aver incisiveness. This was done after much in-depth analysis of the paperwork encountered from the field as availed by the client.

While interning in the audit department, I was also assigned to a couple of major engagements and had the opportunity to put my accounting knowledge into practice and perform actual audit procedures for clients. My job bailiwick for 3 months included the handling of real accounts and tasks which are normally assigned to full-time audit associates. It was an enriching experience to be part of Dativa & Associates as I got to learn a lot of technical knowledge and gain sumptuous hands-on audit experience through my engagements.


What I like about my internship experience

A plethora of factors contributed to my enjoyable internship experience with D&A. I got exposed to audit procedures and vital mechanics involved in auditing which I must confess were demanding but enjoyed every bit of it as I do believe that it’s the right step in the right direction to achieve my career goals while helping the firm achieve its short- and long-term goals.

The best part of my internship was the culture at Dativa & Associates- people work hard to ensure that everything comes out on top with many levels of accuracy and no room for error and this left me one thing in mind, “I had to be indefatigable” and maintain sharpness at all times whenever executing tasks.

 The entire team had been the bedrock of my internship and this greatly contributed to my complete learning experience at this magnificent firm.

Above all, I am thankful to the managing partner for the opportunity given to me as well as Her stewardship role and leadership skills exhibited in creating functional structures to enable the achievement of the firm’s objectives as well as maintaining the lead in delivering quality services to clients across the country.


What I learned from my internship

I have to acknowledge the fact that internship is more of a “test drive” in the job environment and its worth noting that, at D&A the experience was absolutely tremendous and would not have been possible without the entire team which is harmonious and nurturing considering that I was comfortable seeking advice from everyone whenever in doubt which helped me to always deliver assignments on time.

I gained invaluable insight into the inner workings of a professional audit firm and the internship gave me a taste of what I want to do in the future career-wise.

The firm’s commitment and attention to quality are impressive with such a resilient team working round the clock to ensure that each assignment is flawless and quintessential.

Succinctly, I would have to say that my internship experience has been filled with lots of learning which also conforms to my mindset that is shaped by the Japanese term “Kaizen” which demands constant and never-ending improvements for which I do believe that there wouldn’t have been a better place to nurture me in this way than D&A CPA firm.


By Abigaba Chrispus

Bsc. Accounting and Finance – Kyambogo University


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