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My Internship Experience At Dativa & Associates.

My Internship Experience at Dativa & Associates.

I was privileged to intern at Dativa & Associates for a period of three months. The environment was more than a learning one, but also a great space to interact with the staff. This helped me to develop my communication skills and also be an active team player. During my tenure at Dativa & Associates, I was able to;

Contribute to an external audit of a publicly traded company by gathering documents and sufficient evidence for control testing; valuing tangible and intangible assets, and recalculation of non-current assets sold and written off.

Expanded my financial knowledge by attending in-depth training sessions on core International Accounting and Auditing Standards, and Due diligence practices.

Translation of financial documents and mainly of annual reports- improving both my language skills and terminology used in the field of business and finance.

Responsible for supporting auditors in the firm to organise client files and remain accurate in their advice.

Managed large amounts of client information confidentially and aided the rest of the team to do the same through a filing system.

This was a great learning experience and a great career boost to my future studies as a great deal is encountered in my lectures. I am grateful for this exposure and involvement in the workplace.

Ampiire Rhoda

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