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Pain Vs Suffering.

Pain vs Suffering.

Life is about making choices about the things you will do and not do. Which school to go, to and not to go to? What to study and not to study. Which company to work for and which one not to work for? To be employed or to be an entrepreneur. Etc. Remember, you do not just go into entrepreneurship, you first get the minimum skills to get there. But also, in whatever you do, being trustworthy remains key.

Our focus is on pain and suffering. Most of the time, I have gotten people in my private mentorship program. Some of them come with certain pains. Many people who do our business plan and strategies have told us to look at our pains and enablers but want to tell you this; pain is something that somehow might be outside of your control. However, suffering is something within your control.

Life is about making choices of the things you will do and not do

You choose to suffer or choose not to suffer. You can choose to do better or to do worse. You can change where you stay, change your car. It is your choice. If your boss gives you a lot of misery, resign from the job. If you don’t like your phone, change it.

However, with pain, you have an illness that might be very difficult for you to get away with. It becomes a big problem. Remember, to fix the pain, fix the suffering first. My own finding is that when you continuously expose yourself to suffering, you end up with deep pain which becomes a huge problem for you to do away with. The first choice to do now is always to take charge of your environment. As much as possible, be proactive to avoid suffering.

Suffering exposed for a long period of time leads to severe pain. Always keep your eyes open to monitor whatever is happening so that you avoid suffering at the earliest point possible.

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