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For any business enterprise, tax represents one of the major costs of doing business of that organization. The tax obligations of an entity and resultant costs can be exacerbated by the legal and regulatory obligation of taxpayers to account for the correct tax due on the profits of their entities as well as to act as tax collection agents for taxes payable by other persons that they transact with under specific circumstances. 

In the case of Uganda, any business enterprise that is resident in Uganda or a foreign entity that operates a business in Uganda through a branch or a subsidiary or by way of selling their goods or services in Uganda, the cost of noncompliance to the tax laws in terms of interest and penalties are extremely punitive hence the need to get it right.  To this extent, we are here to share our tax knowledge and wealth of experience that is embedded in our tax services which comprise of;

We assure you of obtaining practical and relevant tax knowledge, which is concise, and of paramount importance to managing the tax risks of yours as well as your clients’ business’. As your advisers, we work with you to mitigate the potential risks of any tax exposure that may result from inadvertent noncompliance to the tax, legal and regulatory obligations.

Our team is exposed to various practical tax challenges that are faced by tax payers including tax planning for new and existing entities established by multinational corporations that ventured into investing in the Ugandan economy to optimize their tax costs. 

As you are aware, we have a demonstrated history of being reliable, an effective and trusted advisor with the ability to easily transcend cultural differences.

At Dativa & Associates, we deliver.

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