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Training Is Useful But There Is No Substitute For Experience.

Training is useful but there is no substitute for experience.

When I completed my undergraduate course, I needed to find a place where I could gain practical experience under the supervision and direction of highly trained and experienced professionals, and Dativa & Associates, CPA was that place for me. ‘If I had to pick just one thing, it would be the people and culture at this firm. Joining as an intern can be intimidating at times because we are typically regarded as novices. That was not the case at the firm, as the entire team was very welcoming from the start. I’ve formed close bonds with all of the team members.

Upon my arrival, I was formally presented to all team members by Mrs. Joan Otimong who then introduced me to the firm’s audit practice manual. The manual specifies audit procedures and guidelines for conducting and carrying out audit work.

Having read and understood the audit practice manual of the firm, I was assigned to execute an audit with a team of two (2) members. Consequently, we conducted the audit planning and prepared audit files that guided the execution of the assignment to enable us produce the key deliverables of the exercise; audited financial statements and a management letter. With eagerness to learn, I read through the company’s (auditee’s) manual in order to understand the client and its environment as specified in the early stages of audit planning. In addition, I took advantage of my audit seniors’ presence by inquiring about the practical procedures used when auditing.

As the saying goes that “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” ~ Roger Crawford. I overcame all of the difficulties I encountered, including hardships in preparing financial statements. However, with all of the firm’s experienced and professional auditors, I was further taught and guided to meet the firm’s reporting standards.

Dativa & Associates, CPA’s learning and development program focused not only on technical skills, but also on soft skills like active listening and time management, which help us on the job. Furthermore, the in-person training I received provided me with valuable hands-on knowledge, team-building, networking experience, and the ability to conduct myself more professionally. In addition to the foregoing, my training at D&A has broadened my knowledge and piqued my interest in the audit and accounting professions.

It was inspiring to work with people who are willing to go the extra mile and have a strong desire to solve problems. The team culture is close-knit, supportive, and everyone looks out for one another. Even as an intern, the work environment was fast-paced and demanding, but it was balanced by a culture of encouragement and development, in which we are all united by our common need and drive to accomplish more together.


By Nalubega Petronellah


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