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What Working For Dativa & Associates Certified Public Accountants Means.

What working for Dativa & Associates Certified Public Accountants means.

The entry-level position overall is a significant perspective for anybody to acquire work insight in a genuine working environment, subsequently the Dativa & Associates CPA temporary job program is one of the best open doors for pre-graduate and post-graduate understudies to learn and acquire various kinds of encounters. In my point of view, the experience is quite possibly one of the main things a young person leaving his/her parent’s home to go into the world requires since one countenances difficulties and is set off to find arrangements in light of a singular premise. Working in genuine work as an understudy has assisted me with finding myself more and seeing life from an entirely different point of view.




I did my two months entry-level internship program at Dativa and Associates Certified Public Accountants located in Ntinda. During my entry-level position program, I acquired bunches of involvement with the bookkeeping (accounting) and evaluating methodology (auditing) at the firm. I began my entry-level position at D&A on 3rd October. The workplace climate was overall quite well disposed of. All employees acknowledged me unconditionally and regarded me as their colleague. My unique goal coming in for the entry-level position was to simply acquire work insight and do a temporary job as it was commanded by the University to do as such as a prerequisite for graduation. Be that as it may, I need to say, my targets changed just after my most memorable week.

I went through my initial ten days getting to know how the firm works (perusing the training manual), and getting to know the various employees, which I found exhausting from the beginning. But continuously my mentality changed, the work I had so much hungered for began displaying itself and toward the finish of the principal month I needed to surrender, as I said earlier, life is about difficulties, and as a developing youth one needs to confront difficulties head one. One of my targets was to see what auditing truly resembles in reality and I was truly astounded by what I got to realize. My own point of view was auditing altogether is about financial statement review. Be that as it may, being an auditor expects one to be something other than having knowledge of accounting information, for one to be an extraordinary auditor one has high-priority relational abilities, for example; empathy and listening which would direct him/her in legitimate navigation. Among numerous different abilities, I have created working at the firm incorporate;

  • Collaboration (Teamwork). This is one thing I never truly used to have confidence in, I generally had faith in working alone and approaching my work with negligible obliterations and most extreme concentration, however, I presently see that functioning as a group finishes work a lot quicker and with minimized mistakes, since one is given the additional opportunity to guarantee that his/her region is great.
  • Appropriate using time productively and request; Being at work by 8 am implied that I needed to prepare significantly sooner for the day’s exercises. This pushed me to change my whole program, getting to bed much early and stretching out sufficient rest beyond the next day’s timetable, this has assisted me with further developing my use of time productively. I am so cognizant nowadays about what I utilize my time for in each and every perspective.
  • In conclusion, focusing on detail and being exhaustive is another expertise I figured out how to get during my time at the firm. This has assisted me with bettering my scholastics. How? I currently guarantee that I go through my notes somewhere multiple times before I reach a determination and I confirm to you that my mistakes have diminished since I began doing this.



All in all, Dativa and Associates Certified Public Accountants Uganda is the best spot for one to get a fully involved encounter connecting with functioning as an accountant/auditor in Uganda.

It is likewise a decent spot for pre and present graduate students on getting the best work working experience they expect as they prepare themselves for the greater undertakings ahead throughout everyday life.



I enthusiastically suggest all associations that are searching for help in Human Resource consultancy, Tax Advisory, Accounting, and Auditing administrations to look no further, Dativa and Associates CPA Uganda is the perfect location.

And all pre-graduate and post-graduate trainees searching for a steady profession in accounting/auditing, look no further, this is the best spot to get all the assistance you require concerning proper preparations.


By Asiimwe Lorenzo


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